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Integrated security solutions with a personal touch.


At Focus we strive to bring the best technological security services available to our customers. Rather than aim to provide every single facet within the security industry we have honed in our expertise and ensured that the solutions we provide are the best on the market, backed up with certified and trained staff.

With Focus you can rest assured that all of our products and services have been handpicked by our team of experts to ensure that our client base is receiving the best possible solution to their problems


Gibraltar’s most comprehensive technological security provider

“We have greatly appreciated the professionalism and high level of service that the team at Focus has provided us with over our recent projects and hope to continue to work with them on our future ventures.”

Jonathan Chappory, Facilities & Projects Executive. Bassadone Automotive Group

“We are very happy to put our office security in the hands of Focus Security Solutions. They have always proved to be effective, efficient and quick to respond to any of our needs.”

Jonathan Borg, Imperial Management

“We are tremendously grateful for the support Daniel and his team at Focus Security have shown BETFRED in the last twelve months. We are ever so happy to have placed our office security in the hands of Focus Security. We hope to continue using their services for many years.”

Sarah Ford, Office Manager BETFRED

“Amazing service lead by professionals! Daniel and his team always show their willingness to help. For this same reason I would highly recommend Focus Security.”

Bhisham Nihchalani, Trends Gibraltar



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